Jun 15
50 MHz

15 June 2018 Good activity in FT8 within Europe, nothing else outside EU so far.
14 June 2018 Again around 06 UT signals from Japan and BD3BDB (OL69) up to -12 dB. Nothing in other modes - No activity in JT65. Later Band was open to D4 and S01.
13 June 2018 FT8: Several stations from Japan were seen at maximum -16dB around 06 UT. The only other DX seen was S01.
12 June 2018 FT8: Stations from HI, VP2, FM5, 9Y, PJ4 and PV8 were seen with partially strong signals. Did not call because all were worked in CW before.
11 June 2018 DXwise only WP4 was heard
10 June 2018 In FT8: Many EU and WP4 and some W4 from Florida heard. Some CW QSOs.
09 June 2018 Hrd FT8: UN3GX and all of Europe. Worked 7X2KF (JM06) for new grid in CW. This was followed by a number of CW contacts in EU.
08 June 2018 Lots of EU FT8 activity.
07 June 2018 FT8 hrd some stations K1, W3, W4 aereas quite weak only.
06 June 2018 FT8: worked W4SO & N3XX and heard some more from the same aerea
05 June 2018 No DX heard, only EU in FT8.
04 June 2018 FT8 wkd: HI3T (FK49) Hrd FT8: N4, W5 and XE2JS. In CW HI3T was heard strong.
03 June 2018 One CW contact. Hrd CW: TZ4AM Hrd FT8: WP4, 9K2, PZ5, VP2, PV8, 4X, A92 and S01.
02 June 2018 Lots of stations received in FT8. Best were WP4G and UN6T. Called SU1SK in SSB, who was very strong, but others were stronger than me. Some few CW QSOs.
01 June 2018 Some EA and CT received in CW

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