May 26
50 MHz
28 May 2019 Worked: TA, EK, LZ, EA - Hrd DX: UN3, JA5FFJ (PM63), 9K, EA8, A45, S01WS, TA, TR8CA (SSB)
27 May 2019 Only one station frm SV heard.
26 May 2019 Some European heard
25 May 2019 Strong opening. I worked >50 stations in CW : I, HB9, DL, OM, LZ but OH0Z (JP90) as well. No FT8 contact, but saw DX from BV6CC,UN7, A9, 4X, A4, EA8, and R0BSC (OO22) - is that real?
24 May 2019 Worked several CW stations in YL, SV, YU, LZ E7 and 5B4AMX(KM65). In FT8 I worked TA and 4X. Seen were as DX: BA4SI, TA, OD, 9K, 4X, A9.
23 May 2019 DX seen from EA8 and OD5. Worked in CW and SSB some I7, Z3 and SV with very good signals
17 May 2019 Worked EA and seen in FT8 was 5T5PA very strong
16 May 2019 TR8CA on the screen and 7X worked
14 May 2019 EA8 as only DX and LZ worked in SSB
13 May 2019 Band open to 5B, 7X and A92GS
12 May 2019 SV, TA, 5B and SV9 seen in FT8
8 May 2019 Some Es to TA, EA3 seen
3 .. 7May 2019 Busy with other things ..
2 May 2019 Strong stations from SV, YO, HA and I, but period always lasted a few minutes.
1 May 2019 Seen a short periods of Es to IT9

# = mark new worked gridsquare
* = mark new worked country
bold = mark worked station or country

1296 MHz DL0SHF remote operation
11 May 2019 Worked 15 stations in JT65C and CW. Expedition SV9/HB9CRQ was easy with a good signal.

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