May 31
Activity 50 MHz
31 May 2020 WKD VE1PZ, VE1SKY, K5NA (EM10#), SM2OTU (KP16#), SM2MGQ - HRD UN, EY, BA4SI, BG6CJR (OM90), EA8, CN8, S01, CT3, VY2ZM, VO, WP4, XP3A, HI8DL and XE2OR (DL98). And THEN a huge number of stations (>50) seen from W1,2,3,5,6,7 and VE1,2,3,7. By far not all are on the image.

30 May 2020 WKD 12 x JA (QM05, QM06#, QM08#, PM85, PM95#, PM96, PM97), TT8SN* (JK72#) CW, HL3GOB* (PM34#) - HRD over 80 x JA, 4X, BA4SI, EY, TR8.

29 May 2020 WKD S01WS, G, GM (CW), EA1 (SSB) - HRD 6W1TA (IK14), FG, CU, ZB2, TZ4AM, TR8CA, KP4, 9Y, 8P, J6, HH, HI, VE1. -- There were some new DXCC and Grids, but band was very busy; no chance. -- FT8 flags in FG, VE1, TR8, Florida ... so it works.
28 May 2020 HRD EA8, CU, S01, ZB2
27 May 2020 WKD UN7AM (LN53#), EA8AT (IL17#), LZ - HRD WP4, A4, 7Z in CW
26 May 2020 WKD TA7OM (KN80#), UN6T (MN52#), XV1V (OK33#), UN7MAU (LO51#), PV8DX/PV8AZ (FJ92) - HRD JA1TSG(QM05), A4, A7, A9, 9K, EK, 4X
25 May 2020 WKD ZA, EA8, 7X2KF (JM06#) - HRD UN, UK9, EY, EK, A4, VU2
24 May 2020 DX Day : HRD UN6, A7, A9, EY, 9M2TO (Oj05), 4S7VG (MJ96), 4S7AB (NJ07), VU2NKS
23 May 2020 WKD Europe only - the usual ... - HRD EY8, WP4G, EA8, CU3
22 May 2020 WKD C31, EA, UR, LZ, EI - HRD JA5EXW, EA8, CU, CT3 -- Got FT8 Flag in Florida
21 May 2020 WKD US0 - HRD: TT8 -- A very quiet day today.
20 May 2020 WKD JA0DAI (PM97), JA0QJI (PM95#), JG2BRI (PM84#), R3TJI (LO16), EA4GOY (IM79#), all CW/SSB: EA, F, G, GW - HRD 19 x JA, BX6ABV (PL02), TT8 (JK72), UN
19 May 2020 WKD: G, GW, PA, IS0, KP4JRS (FK68) - HRD: 9K, A4, A7, 7Z, EY, FG
18 May 2020 WKD: UT, SP6, YO, EA, F EA8 - HRD: 7Z (LL25), UN3, UN6, JA8 (QN03 all), A7
17 May 2020 WKD: 9K2OW(LL39), 9K2BM(LL49#), HZ1BW*(LL34#), YO and HRD: A7, A9, 4X and TA
5/6 May 2020 Only short mostly Meteorscatter propagation
4 May 2020 Very silent today. Only some Meteorscatter bursts
3 May 2020 Short openings to IT9, I, SV, ZA and TR8CA
2 May 2020 Only 9A
1 May 2020 Some short openings to EA, F, 9A, HA

# = mark new worked gridsquare
* = mark new worked country
bold = mark worked station / country
HRD = Heard only / stations outside Europe or very rare
WKD = Stations worked / two way contact.
Modes : CW, SSB, FT8, JT65A

24 May 2020 WKD: VK4FB (smallest station ever worked), VK4RF
23 May 2020 WKD: OZ1CTZ with 60w & 2x35 ele Yagis and 8 more stations in mode JT65C
2 May 2020 10 Stations worked in JT65C and CW

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