Jun 14
Activity 144 MHz
3 June 2021 HRD SporadicE UT5ST (KN28)

Activity 50 MHz
14 June 2021 WKD T6AA (MM44), J69DS (FK94), KP4DGW (FK68), HI8S (FK58), HI8AYR (FK58), WP3R (FK68), TA7Q (KN91#790) - HRD 5* JA, A65, 5B, KP2, 3* HI, 4* W4 (Fla)
13 June 2021 HRD EU backscatter is strong, HZ, 4X, OD, 5B, CN, CU
12 June 2021 WKD BG6SNJ (OM50lq#) - HRD 5T, 9K, EA8
11 June 2021 WKD some F, G - 4X1YS (KM71 SSB) - HRD W4UM, W4AS, HZ, 9K, 5B, 4X, OD, CN8, EA8
10 June 2021 HRD T6AA, 9K, A4, 4X, S01, EA8, CU, 3* KP4, 2* PV8, 9Y
9 June 2021 Band open 04 UT - WKD VU2BGS (MK82#), EA1AAE (IN81#) - HRD 9M2TO (OJ05), VU2CPL (MK83), 4X, 9K, UN, HZ, A4, A6, A7, 5B, EA8, CN8, 5T, CU
8 June 2021 WKD ~20* EA.. - HRD EA8, CU
7 June 2021 HRD JA7QVI, JA7WSZ, EA8, 7X, CN and VA3NCD (FN03)
6 June 2021 WKD A65IN (LL74#), A92GE (LL56), JR3REX (PM74), JH4MGU (PM75), JG4BLW (PM75), JI4POR (PM65#), JG3IFX (PM74), JG3QZN (PM74), JA4DND (PM65) - HRD 12* JA, A9, A6, 9K
5 June 2021 WKD HZ1SK (KL91#) - HRD VO1SIX at 08:15 UT really early, YI1SAL (LM23), 4X, OD, 5B, EA8
4 June 2021 WKD VO1AW (GN28#), WW1L (FN54), NE1B (FN42), VE1JBC (FN73#), VE3EDY (EN83ua#), VE3CFK (EN82), VE3EK (FN03), VE3EJ (FN03), AB1OC (FN42), VE3HP (FN03), 9Y4D (FK90), PV8ABC (FJ92), N1JFU, NE1B, K1BQP, N1QDQ, NR1R, AA1V, WA1NPZ and then in CW: K1OT, VO1HP and inSSB: VO1FOG with S9++ - HRD4* JA, UN, 4X, A4, A6, HZ, 9K, EA8, CN8 - Flags on CQ in VO, VE1, K4, VE3, VE9, W6 : W6TOD (DM15), N6WS (CM95), K6KLY (CM87) and more. The band was open to NA from 11:00 UT until 01:00 UT next day.
4 June 2021 - My signal received in the U.S. - See West Coast

3 June 2021 WKD EB8AC (IL28), LA9VFA (KQ40), 9K2NO (LL39), A41CK (LL93), HZ1TT (LL25), A71AM (LL55) - HRD UN7JX (NN19), JA6TEW (PM53), EK, 4X, A6, A9, 3* KP4, KP2BH, KP2/K0BZ5T, 3* HI, PV8ABC, PV8BR, HK3PJ, ZF1EJ, TF, HC1HC, HC2FG
2 June 2021 WKD UN7PBK (MN69#780) - HRD UN9L, 5B, BD8NBG, JT, EA8, S01, TR8CA
1 June 2021 WKD VU2DED* (ML88#), VR2XYL (OL72), UK7AL (MN41) - HRD many 10*BA, UN, 4X, EK, CN, EA8, EA9
# = mark new worked gridsquare
* = mark new worked country
bold = mark worked station / country
HRD = Heard only / stations outside Europe or very rare
WKD = Stations worked / two way contact.
Modes : CW, SSB, FT8, JT65A, Q65

Posted by Christoph Petermann

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