Jun 22
Activity 144 MHz
11 June 2022 WKD CT1DIZ (IM58#), CT2HXM (IN60#), CT1ANO (IN51#), CT1HIX (IN52), EA6SX (JM19), EA6ALL (JM19), EB1DJ (IN52), EA6TC (JM19), EA6VQ (JM19), SV3EAO (KM08#), SV3DCX (KM08), SV2DCD (KN00#), Z32KF (KN01#) - HRD many stations SV, YO, ZA, I, EA7 and CT
144 MHz FT8 received (not complete)

9 June 2022 WKD EA5BQC (IM98), EA5AQB (IM98) - EA5U, EA5D (JN00), IT9GSF, IW0FFK

Activity 50 MHz
22 June 2022 WKD UN7JX (NN19#) - HRD FG, W4
21 June 2022 HRD EA8, UN, CN, K1, W0, W5, ZS6NK, V51WW (JH81)
20 June 2022 WKD K1SIX - HRD a few NA Stations
19 June 2022 HRD 9N7AA (NL27), BV3UF(PL04)
18 June 2022 HRD S01, EA8
17 June 2022 WKD AC4TO (EM70), K5EK (FM03) - HRD 30+*NA
16 June 2022 HRD D44, EA8, 10*JA, UK, UN, CU, 4X, S01
15 June 2022 WKD PJ2BR (FK52*), HC2FG (FI07#*) - EA8, WP4, CN, VO1, FG, YV5
14 June 2022 HRD JA, SU, PY2RMY
13 June 2022 HRD N7KA (DM65), W5, EA8, VE, PJ4MM
12 June 2022 WKD HZ1CY (LL09#), SV8FCU (KM38#), IU6JMK (JN63), XE2X (EL06), AC2PB (FN20), N9FN (EN60#), KC2TN (FM29), K2RET (FM29), W3FAY (FM18), N2AXX (FN21), K1HTV (FM18), KF2T (FM19), WB3DPL (FN20), K4SO (FM18), NF3R (FN20), N8DX (EN82), K5RK (EL29#), WE1P (FN22), PV8DX (FJ92), WA5ZFP (EL49#), KT4AC (EM55), KA9CFD (EN40#), VE2XK (FN07#), VE3EK (FN03), N5AO (EM20), N5XZ (EL29), W5PF (EM20), K8ROX (EN80), VE3LYC (FN14#), N5JR (EM12), N2ZX (FN32), KD5M (EM60), WA5HOD (EM40), W1SKU (EN82), NQ8O (EN81), KE8FD (EN80), N0FW (EM79), W5KI (EM36#), N4UPX (EM50), KZ2I (FM29), KC8YDS (EN91), KR1ST (FN21), KZ2I (FM29), K4MOG (EM73), KK2I (FN03), K3FM (EM50), K5DL (EM50) and several W and XE2X in CW - HRD ca 10* JA, 9K, A9, UN, UK, EY, A6, EY, A6, 4X, HZ, ET3AA, XE3MEX (EK08), XE1YD (EK09) and several hundred U.S.A Never heard so many stations from NA at the same time.

11 June 2022 WKD JY4CY (KM71), JA5FDJ (PM63), JF3VAX (PM74), JA0CRI (PM96), JA0FIL (PM97), JA0MVW (PM97), JF3MYA (PM74), JA9CHI (PM86), JA5FFJ (PM63), JO3DDD (PM75), JG2WND (PM85), JD1BLY (QL17#*), JA9LSZ (PM86), JH4UYB (PM86), TA4RC (KM59#) - HRD very many from BY, UN, JT1CO, 5B, 4X, HZ, 9K, A4, A6, A9, OD and W7 and more. What a great day with very rare highlight JD1BLY!
50 MHz received with Highlight JD1BLY (QL07) - lower right worked.

10 June 2022 WKD RW9MC (MO65#*) & EU in CW - HRD ca 40*JA, HL, UN, UK, A6, A7, EA8, HZ, 5B, 9K, 4X, 4L, IH9, V31MA, ZF1EJ, K4, D4L, VA6DX (DO33)
9 June 2022 WKD TA4/PE2M (KM66#), W4JPL (FM05), W7DO (EM94), KX4DX (EM96), WB3D (FM07), NN4SS (EM94), KE8KMX (FM09#), K4HB (EM83), WA2ONG (FM08#), W3IP (FM19), W8UV (FM28#), AA5JF (EM83), WB8BPU (FM19), W3DQS (EM95), N4UFP (EM94), WB4JWM (EM83), W8TN (EM98), N3NT (FM19), N1LID (FM18), K4JJQ (FM18), K2UO (FN20), KZ2I (FM29), WD4OBP (FM16) - HRD JT1CO, 15*JA, 4L, 4X, 9K, HZ, A6, UN, BV6CC, 5*BA, 5B, KP4, EA8, ca 150*W1/2/3/4/5
8 June 2022 WKD N3MK (FM27), WO4O (EL98), K4MY (EM74), W8HW (EL97), K5NQ (EM40), W4GMT (EM14), K1TO (EL87), KW4BY (EL96), KN4NN (EM70), NH6T (EM63#), KV4HV (EL94#) - 4X, UK8, UN, 9K, CO, VO, VE9, VE2
7 June 2022 WKD WP4G (FK68), HI3T (FK49), CO8LY (FL20#*), N1NK (FN41), XE2X (EL06#*), VE3DZ (FN03), AE3T (FN20), VE3CKO (FN02), W5AFY (EM04#), N5OK (EM15#) - HRD UN, EA8, 5B, HZ, A6, 4L, UK, 9K, HI3, ZF, W1/2/3/4/5/6, CO, XE, VE, VO, 9M4BCN (OJ05)
6 June 2022 WKD VR2XYL (OL72), UN7FW (MO71#819), CU1EZ (HM76) in CW, FG8OJ (FK96), PJ4MM (FK52), 8P6RY (GK03ef#*) - HRD JA, VR2, UK8, 9K, EA8, A6, HZ, A7, A9, EA8, TA9, FG, 8P, PJ, YV, UA9
5 June 2022 WKD EA8JK (IL18) - HRD HZ, WP3UX, CU, TF and N6JV (CM98) [TX flag from him as well]
3 June 2022 WKD TT8SN (JK72) in CW and more EU in CW - HRD UN, 9K, 4X, EA8, D44EO, KP4 and YB5QZ (OJ00)
2 June 2022 HRD W9, W4
# = mark new worked gridsquare
* = mark new worked country
bold = mark worked station / country
HRD = Heard only / stations outside Europe or very rare
WKD = Stations worked / two way contact.
Modes : CW, SSB, FT8, JT65A, Q65

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