Jun 1
Activity 50 MHz
30.May 2023 HRD VK8AW (PH57), VU2NKS (MK69), EA8, 9K
29.May 2023 WKD HI3T - HRD EA8, 9K, S01WS, CN8, K1, W4, ZP5DBC ( GG14), LU8GMM (GG23), LU 2GPB, ZP9HTL (GG24), PY4AQA (GG88), PY2DS (GG66), PY2XB - was unable to break the wall of PA and ON stations
25.May 2023 WKD 3B9FR (MH10) - HRD 7X, 3B8FA
24.May 2023 HRD 3B9FR, 5B4, OD5, A9, UN, A6, ZS6NK - Had a TX flag in VK6
24 May 2023 - Had TX flags on CQ in Australia (no response)

23.May 2023 HRD TA9, SU, 9K, 7Z (HZ)
14 May 2023 HRD JN1JFC - 1st Japan heard this year
13 May 2023 HRD ZD7BG good signal over long period
12 May 2023 HRD SU1SK, HZ1CY, FR4OO (LG57), 3B8FA (LG89), 3B9FR (MH10)
11 May 2023 HRD XV1X, PY2XB
08 May 2023 HRD OD5SB, OD5VB, EA8
09 May 2023 WKD Z21ML (KG49#) - HRD ZS6NK, ZS6WN, V51JP, PY2OF, PY2XB, EA8
07 May 2023 WKD TA2YK (KM69)
06 May 2023 HRD 7X, PY2XB (GG66), PY2RC (G67), PY2GM (GG67)
03 May 2023 HRD some EU stations via Es, 9H

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