Jun 30
Activity 144 MHz
29 June 2023 HRD 9H, EA7, EA4, CT7 (all not strong)
29 June 2023 late afternoon - only very spotty opening at my place

15 June 2023 WKD IK8OFG (JN70), IW8FEN (JN70), IZ8FFA (JM78), IK7EOT (JN80PJ), IZ7DPB (JN80), IK7UXY (JN90DC) - HRD about 40 stations from 9H, I7, I8, IS0, F, EA3, EA5, EA7 - few stations in CW/SSB heard
144 MHz : 15 June 2023 Received FT8 stations

Activity 50 MHz
30 June 2023 WKD UN7IT, R3TKM (LO15), UN7CFG (MO33#), FM5GB (FK94), FG8OJ (FK96), FM5GB (FK94), FG8OJ (FK96) - HRD UN, UK9AA, BG8PC (OL26), 9Y, EA8, WP4G, S01WS, VP2ETE
29 June 2023 WKD D2UY (JI64#*) - HRD K3, K4, EA8, UK9AA
28 June 2023 HRD K4, K3, FG, FP/KV1J
27 June 2023 WKD K7BV (FM04) - HRD A7, 4X, EA8, XE2OR, Z21ML, K4, ZS6, HC2FG (FI07)
26 June 2023 WKD WB2REM (EL97) - HRD K3, K4, EA8. HZ, 4X - Had 10 TX flags (FT8) in Florida
25 June 2023 HRD 3x JA
24 June 2023 HRD some K3, K0 & EA8
23 June 2023 WKD NP4BM (FK68) - HRD EA8, VO, K3, K4, K9, 9Y, HK3O, YV5NEA, HI8PAP
19 June 2023 HRD 9K, HZ, EA8
18 June 2023 HRD 9K only
17 June 2023 WKD EA5Z in CW - HRD S01, V51JH
16 June 2023 WKD 4Z5LA (KM72) - HRD 4X, S01, TZ4AM in CW, D2UY, EA8
15 June 2023 WKD some SSB in EU (I, IS0) - HRD V51JH, D2UY (TEP with distorted signal)
14 June 2023 WKD UN9L (MO13) - HRD HZ, 9K, A4, more UN, A7 and LU5FF (FF99) for surprise
13 June 2023 WKD EK/RX3DPK (LN20) - HRD 7Z, 9K, A7, OD, 4L, A6, 5B and VK8AW
12 June 2023 WKD UN7LAP (MO13) - HRD more UN, A7, 9K, EA8,FG8OJ, WP4G, 4x W9, W7EW, W7IB, VE7SL (CN88)
11 June 2023 WKD N6CA (DM03#), KG7CW (DN14#), K5RK (EL29), K7MAC (DN13) - HRD ~10x JA, EX8MLE, EX0DX, UK8OM, UN, 9K, 4X, mni W5/6/7 stations
West Coast US Opening 11 June 2023

10 June 2023 HRD ~20x JA, HL3GOB, TR8CA, XE1MEX, XE2J (DL96), YV4DYJ, KA2, EA8, 4X, 9Y, FG,
09 June 2023 HRD EA8, 9Y, FG, 8P, HC2FG, PJ4, EA9, 7X, S01, V26OC
08 June 2023 HRD A61, 9K2, EA8, D4L
07 June 2023 HRD EA8, A6
06 June 2023 WKD NP3YL - HRD WP4Gm CT3, CT
05 June 2023 WKD KP4EIT, K0GU (DN70), HH2AA (FK38#) and mni EU in CW - HRD UN, 7X, HI8O, VE, VO, FG, 9Y, 9K, W9RM, WB7CJO (DN17), XE2G, S01
04 June 2023 HRD 4X, UN, A92, OD, A71VV, 9N7AA (NL27)
03 June 2023 WKD 8P2K (GK03), FG5GP (FK96 - in FT4 mode) - HRD FG, KP4, EA8, PJ4, P43A, YV4DYJ (FK60), VP2MKP - most of them strong enough for contact, but I don't call, if I have worked before.
02 June 2023 WKD 4X1UF - HRD SU1SK, 7Z1SJ, 9K2, 5B4
01 June 2023 WKD EA in CW - HRD 7X, CN8, 9Y4D, FG8OJ, FG5GH, PJ4MM, 5B4, S01WS, PY2XB, PU2JOE, PY4AQA

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