Jul 31
Activity 144 MHz
1 July 2023 WKD - HRD R7RBE (KN64)

Activity 50 MHz
31 July 2023 HRD V51JH, ZS6NK
30 July 2023 WKD 1A0C (JN61 very rare country) - HRD A71, VE, K1, K0, K3, K4 about 50 stations, XE2OR (nothing new)
29 July 2023 WKD V51JH (JG77#*) - HRD ZS6NJ, 9K, 4X, V51
28 July 2023 WKD DL/PA4VHF (JO34 Helgoland) in CW, big NA opening : WW1L (FN54), W1JR (FN42), VO1HP (GN37), WA3OFR (FN41), W3RJW (FN20), W2XI (FN20), KC3BVL (FM29), N1EVK (FN42), KO4YC (FM17), KB2FCV (FN20), K3JGJ (FM29), K1RZ (FM19), NY3B (FN20), W1WRA (FN42), K3SWZ (FN10), KD3CQ (FM18), W3ATV (FN20), AB4SF (FM17), W2JU (FN31), K1NU (FN42), W3RW (FN20), K2GV (FN30#), K2SN (FN30), AF2F (FN20), K3GP (EN90), AB1OC (FN42) and TF/SP7VC (IP26#) - HRD +100 N.A. stations
28 July 2023 NA stations received in big 2 hours opening

28 July 2023 my transmit flags in NA

27 July 2023 HRD UN, some JA, BG3OJZ, HZ, EA8, 3B9FR
25 July 2023 HRD 4X, N2NL (EL88), WA4GPM (EM90), W5TRL (EM10), HI3T, KP4EIT, V51WW
24 July 2023 WKD LA1UW (JP52#) - HRD FG8OJ (lonely DX)
23 July 2023 WKD JA7OXV (QM07), JA1AGG (QM05), W7EW (CN84#), W7RIS (CN84), N7ZO (CN85#), N7NW (CN87) - HRD 30+ JA (rare # like QN02, QN23), more WestCoast USA (# DM04, CN86), W9, W0 areas (EM19, EN41, EN60, EN61, EM69, EN80), 9K2, 5B4, OD5
What a day. Receiving from all over.

23 July 2023 - hrd JA stations (not complete)

23 July 2023 - my transmitted signal in Japan (surely not complete)

22 July 2023 HRD RK9NU (NO35), EA8
20 July 2023 HRD UN9L only DX seen
19 July 2023 HRD 4X, 9K2
18 July 2023 HRD CT3, 4X, 9K2YM, V51WW, V51JH, PY2XJ, PU2MBY - few EU
17 July 2023 HRD 4X, UN - some EU
16 July 2023 WKD EA8DBM (IL18)
15 July 2023 WKD K4WI (EM62# no.900!) - HRD FG8OJ, K1RZ, W3LL, W5ADD and more
14 July 2023 only EU signals
13 July 2023 WKD LA/DK2BJ (JP21hg# FT4), SM4GGC (JO69#)
12 July 2023 HRD UN3G, EA8, several VO1 in FT8 and SSB
11 July 2023 HRD EX8MLE, JA7QVI, JH6VXP, EA8
10 July 2023 HRD JY, 4X, 4L, TA9, BA4SI, BH4SCF (PM01), 9N7AA, XE2CQ (DM12), AG6X (DM12)
9 July 2023 HRD CN, EA8, V51WW, UN3GX
8 July 2023 -
7 July 2023 HRD 9K2GS, 7Z1SJ, 5* 4X, JA1QJI
6 July 2023 WKD K7BV (FM04) - HRD UN, 5* JA, VE, 8* K4, 9Y4D, FG8OJ
5 July 2023 WKD 4X4DK (KM71), WW3S (EN91), W9ILY (EN51), WA8MOA (EN72#), K8KS (EN82), N4BAA (EM58), WA4Q (EM57), AJ4F (EL29), NE8Z (EN82), W5XC (EL29), K8EB (EN73#), N9AKR (EN61), N5TJ (EM10), VA3LX (FN14), N8ECI (EM79), K9XD (EN51), W5TCX (EL29), WB8ART (EM79), K9YY (EM59#), KM0A (EM48), NK1I (FN43), KB9TVR (EM49#), WB9LWO (EM49), KR9U (EN71#), K0KT (EN32), N9ISN (EN44#), AB4IQ (EM57), N5WS (EL09#), VA3LX (FN14), KC0FGX (EN30#), W9WO (EM69), K2DP (EM48), K5JC (EM00#), W0FY (EM48), K9KLD (EM58), K8ROK (EN80), W5TRL (EM10), WB9CIF (EM69), K9NW (EM79), N8DX (EN82) -
- HRD EX8MLE, BG8SRK, XV1K, UK8 stns, 9K, 9Y, PJ4MM, PJ7FM, PV8, YV4DYJ, YV5LMW, HI, KP4, HK6RF, HK4EI, HK3X - what a day with 39 NA stations and 9 new #
5 July 2023 FT8 Stations received from North America

5 July 2023 FT8 My signal flags received in North America

4 July 2023 HRD 7X, FG5GH
3 July 2023 HRD EA8, CU, S01WS
2 July 2023 HRD UN7LZ, EA8
1 July 2023 WKD 4L6QL (LN01#), UN7ZZ (MO51), EA8AO (IL18) - HRD EX8MLE, BG7NF (OL62), BG8SRK (?), 6* JA, UN, FG, KP4, HI, K0, K9, VE3, S01WS, 9K, A71, 4X, 5B, D2UY

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