Dec 31
Activity 144 MHz
18 December 2023 WKD EA2XR (IN83) (EA2XR worked me again - for safety?) - hrd F, G, ON
17 December 2023 WKD strong Aurora from LA, DL, SM - followed by big Tropo opening to F and EA (only listening).
17/18 Dec 2023 - 144 MHz Tropo event

Activity 50 MHz
Dead band at all
17 December 2023 WKD some strong Aurora from LA, DL, SM
2 December 2023 HRD 9Y, PZ5RA, YV6IA (FK78)
1 December 2023 WKD HC1DAZ (FI09#), WA4GPM (EM90), N4TB (EL97), W4DXX (EM70) - HRD TI2BSH (EJ79), CO, 9Y, FG, HC, FG, WP4, HI, W3, W4 and many more - first real strong F2 after many years.

Posted by Christoph Petermann

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