Jun 22
Activity 144 MHz
21 June 2024 WKD 2m Sporadic E IK5RWX (JN52#), IZ5EME (JN52), IW0FFK (JN61), IK0FTA (JN61), IK0WMJ (JN61) - HRD I0, I5
13 June 2024 WKD 2m Sporadic E IT9GSF (JM67), IK7EOT (JN80), SV6SYQ (KM08) - HRD IT9, IK8, SV
4 June 2024 WKD 25 stations in Nordic Activity Contest
2 June 2024 WKD IS0YFG (JM49), EA5LN (IM99), EA5RC (JN00#), IZ0UME (JN61#), 9H1CG (JM75#*), 9H1PA (JM75), IT9HTV (JM76), IC8TEM (JN70#), IZ0CVT (JN61), IZ8EDJ (JN70), IC8EWW (JN60#), IC8FEM (JN60) - HRD IH9MHC and some more
144 MHz heard stations during Sporadic E on 2 June 2024

Activity 50 MHz
21 June 2024 WKD K1TOL (FN44), WW1L (FN54) - HRD K1 (FN42, FN42, FN85), CU, EA8, S01, D2UY
20 June 2024 HRD CT3, 4X, 5B, HZ, 4L, OD
19 June 2024 WKD HI3T (FK49) - HRD KP4, CT3, EA8, FG8, S01
18 June 2024 almost nothing
17 June 2024 HRD BG0CAB (NN33), UK9AA, HZ, 4X, OD, 5B, 4L, UN, WP4
16 June 2024 WKD some EU in CW - HRD DS4EOI, 3* JA (PM53, QM06, QM08)
15 June 2024 WKD TF/DJ7GS (IP25#)
14 June 2024 HRD JA from (QN23, PM96, QM05), OX3LX (HP15)
13 June 2024 WKD WA1EAZ (FN42), VE1SKY (FN74), KA1R (FN64) - HRD W1
12 June 2024 HRD 7X, EA8, CT3, D4L
11 June 2024 HRD 4L, UN, 5B, 4X
10 June 2024 HRD OD5, 4X, 9K2
9 June 2024 HRD no DX
8 June 2024 WKD FG8OJ, J35X (FK92), YV5NEA (FK60), J88IH (FK93*#) - HRD EA8, CU, SU1SK, HZ, KP4, 9Y, V47JA, VE1
7 June 2024 HRD EA8
6 June 2024 HRD no DX, only few EU
5 June 2024 HRD 7Q6M, EA8IN
4 June 2024 WKD 9K2GS (LL39), 9K2YM (LL49), BA4RF (OM92#), RD9D (LO99#) - HRD N5WS (EL09), K5YT (EM22), BA7IO (OL73), BA7NQ (OL63), BG7NF (OL62, UN9LEI, UN7JX and more
3 June 2024 WKD OD5SX (KM74), SU1SK (KM50), PY5EW (GG46), PY2DS (GG66), CE2SV (FF47) - HRD 4X, EA8, CU, AC4TO, K5MC, KD2CYU, S01, 5* PY, CE2EP, CE3SX
2 June 2024 WKD UN7CL (MO44), JR2LJO (PM85), JL3MCM (PM74) - HRD BG6CJR (OM90), BG5BAA (PM00), BD5CAM (PL09), JA 69+ received, EA8, VK8AW, 5A1AL, S01WS, VE1PZ, CN8, 7Q6M, 3* PY
Japan Stations received on 2 June 2024 (69+ stations)

1 June 2024 WKD VO1CH (GN37) - HRD UN7JID, UN3G, EA8, OD5, 4X, 9K2, EA8

# = mark new worked gridsquare
* = mark new worked country
bold = mark worked station / country
HRD = Heard only / stations outside Europe or very rare
WKD = Stations worked / two way contact.
Modes : CW, SSB, FT4, FT8, JT65A, Q65

Posted by Christoph Petermann

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