Dec 19
Merry Christmas to everyone and a Happy New Year 2021.
Stay safe and I hope to meet you all on the bands again then.
A lot of radio-friends are ollowing me on Facebook :

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Dec 19
Activity 144 MHz

12/13 December 2020 WKD 3 stations via Meteorscatter (MSK144) in I, F and RA1 first time after 12 years.

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Nov 30
Activity 144 MHz
30 November 2020 Late night 2m was open to South-West France. Only receiving.
21 November 2020 Worked some PA at about 450km, when suddenly EA1MX was in here for 15 Minutes over 1500km.
10 November 2020 Band open to OH, SM0, LY. Worked a whole bunch of stations over 1000km.
7/8 November 2020 Despite a broken preamplifier I could work about 22 stations in CW in the Marconi Memorial Contest (MMC2020). 730 km was longest distance into Southern Germany.
3 November 2020 10 QSOs in Nordic Activity Contest (NAC) in SSB/CW to OZ,SM4, SM0 until PreAmplifier went dead.

Activity 1296 MHz DL0SHF Remote
28/29 November 2020 ARRL EME Contest Part II. Made 34 more contacts for a total of exactly 100 - all in CW mode. Some dupe contacts, so resulting in 89 stations worked on 23cm. Had some computer problems in between.
27 November 2020 Worked some stations in JT65C mode
7/8 November 2020 Worked 7 stations in JT65C mode. Most of them were very small stations with one or two yagi antennas and power around 150 watts. Charlie G3WDG joined the group of operators at DL0SHF. Welcome

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Oct 31
Activity 144 MHz
6 October 2020 Worked a few in CW/SSB OZ, SM and G4PIQ

Activity 1296 MHz DL0SHF Remote
30/31 October 2020 Some new stations with very small antennas worked. 11 QSOs in JT65C mode.
10/11 October 2020 Made 65 contacts in CW in ARRL EME contest part I in 2*4 hours of operation.

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Sep 20
Activity 144 MHz
20 September 2020 Good conditions still there. Easy working 1000km in FT8 mode
19 September 2020 Antenna for 2m is up again today.. Worked a good number of stations in very good conditions.

Activity 50 MHz
3 September 2020 WKD TA1
1,2 September 2020 --

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Aug 31
Activity 50 MHz
31 August 2020 --
30 August 2020 WKD some I and IT9 in SSB
28,29 August 2020 --
27 August 2020 WKD EA3
26 August 2020 WKD TA1, 9A
24,25 August 2020 --
23 August 2020 WKD on a declared "dead" band Es UN, UT, SP, 9A, OK, DD, F
20 .. 22 August 2020 --
19 August 2020 WKD TA1, HA == noDX
18 August 2020 only some tropo, no Es
17 August 2020 HRD EA8
16 August 2020 HRD 4X, TA4, S01, EA8

==== Radio was down until 15 August ====

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Jul 7
Activity 50 MHz
7++ July 2020 ==== Radio is down for the next six weeks ====
6 July 2020 Only very short living openings to small spots HRD EA8, A9, OD then 3* VE3, K4
5 July 2020 No real Sporadic E
4 July 2020 HRD some Europe, 4X, OD
3 July 2020 WKD JA5QJD (PM63) == HRD 60* JA, KG6DX (QK23/11400km), EA8, S01, A4, 9K
3 July 2020 - Opening to JA and KG6 (Guam)

2 July 2020 WKD AC4TO (EM70xl 559/559 CW) == HRD early 7* JA1/7/8, 30* K3/4/5/8/9, KP4, 9Y, HI, EA8, XE2OR, 4* PV8, TF, PZ5RA
1 July 2020 Strong white noise from somewhere covering everything until afternoon == later HRD UN, EK, EA8, WP2, HK6F, 4X, PV8DX, FG

# = mark new worked gridsquare
* = mark new worked country
bold = mark worked station / country
HRD = Heard only / stations outside Europe or very rare
WKD = Stations worked / two way contact.
Modes : CW, SSB, FT8, JT65A

1296 MHz EME DL0SHF ...

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Jun 30
Activity 50 MHz
30 June 2020 HRD 3* JA at 4:30UT and the band went dead. Only a few heard from EU. Later HRD 7Z, 4X, HI, KP4, VE1, K1, 9Y, J6, PZ5RA, PV8DX, TF
29 June 2020 WKD JO1PSX (QM05), JA0GPT (PM96), JA4NUE (PM75#770), JJ3PRT (PM74), JA3GN (PM74), JA5FFJ (PM63), JH3VJV (PM74) == HRD BY5EA (PM00), BA4SI (PM01), BV6CC, ca 60* JA, 9K, 4X, EA8, VE1, VO1, KP4, K1, K2
28 June 2020 WKD W4LES (EM84) == HRD UN, Z81D, TR8, EA8, TR8, A4, 9K, CU, TF, 15 from K4/K5, XE2OR
27 June 2020 WKD JA5EXW (PM63), JA6GPR (PM53#), JH4IFF (PM74), JA3FYC (PM85), JJ2LPV (PM85), JJ2AVH (PM85), JA5SUD (PM74), JA4LXY (PM64), JH4ADV (PM64), JR3UPT (PM74), JO1COV (PM95), JA0MRW (PM96) and JW7QIA (JQ68) == HRD UN, over 300* JA counted. Only JH4IFF heard in CW.From NA only: WA2BOT and then QRT due to storm.
106 JA stations (of ca 300) on 6m / 27 June 2020

26 June 2020 RX off until 14Z - HRD 9Y4D, W6TOD (DM15), K5XI (DM09). Have high noise today.
25 June 2020 silence so far ... except : HRD JA7QVI, out of the blue: N5HHS (EL29)
24 June 2020 WKD J69DS* (FK94) - HRD 4X, OD, HZ, A4, HC1HC (FI09), HK3PJ (FJ34) HI, PV8, YV5, FG8, 9Y, KP4 - Signals to South America were not very strong - late W4, W8.
23 June 2020 WKD some Europe in CW & SSB - HRD 8* JA, EA8, OD5, 4X, 5B, A4
22 June 2020 WKD TR8CA (JJ40) - HRD 2* BA, UN, >10* JA BV6CC, A6, EA8, 4* HL; Opening to California. 12 stations received, but all at levels were too low for QSO.
Received in the last 24 hours (22 June 2020 - 18:45)

21 June 2020 HRD 15* JA, 6* HL, BA, 5B, 4X, A9, EY, 4L, UN, TF, NA=K3,4,8 (NA = North America)
20 June 2020 HRD 2* JA, A9, A7
19 June 2020 WKD JA7OZW (QN00#), JA7ZF (QM09#), JH4IUO (PM64#), JH3EDG (PM74), JH3CUL (PM74), JA5PJ (PM63#) and some Europe in CW - HRD A6, BD4SS, and 200* JA. JA0MVW only station heard in CW. Had to leave for work early. This was a huge opening.
37 of 45 JA stations in one pass

54 of over 200 received JA stations

18 June 2020 WKD A45XR (LL93) - HRD early JA at 04:30UT, EY, UN, BV, A4, A6, A7, 9K, JR6 (Okinawa), 4X, TF, >40 JA stations, VU2NKS, N4BP early, N4, N9, VY2, VA7ST (DO00), W7MEM, K7MAC, K7TM (DN17)
17 June 2020 WKD W3LPL, KX4R, W3IP, WA4PGM, AF4OD (EM72#), N2QT, WA0JIM (EM28#), W3LL, W3CP, AC4VM (EM75#) in big opening. In the night: K5CM (EM25), AJ4A (EM77#), AA5C (EM13#), W5ADD (EM40), AA5M (EM13), K5GDC (EM13), N0LBY (EM38#) - HRD UN, BA7IO, DU1IST and more than 160 US station up to Arizona. I had to leave for two hours and missed the most of the big opening. Late at night the band opened again and 25 more stations were heard.
A selection of over 160 station received from North America

16 June 2020 WKD K1SIX (FN43), K2ZD (FN21) - HRD 5* JA, A9, HZ, TA4, 4X, 5B, OD, EK, EY (all worked before), K1; Big JA opening around 23 UT many stations received.
15 June 2020 WKD E7 (in CW) - HRD 10*JA (ca 02:45 .. 03:00 UT), TF, 9K, K2IL (EL97), JW4PUA (JQ78)
14 June 2020 WKD JA9SJI (PM86), JR9RKU (PM86), JA9IPF (PM86), JE2KDN (PM84), JN1JFC (QM06) - HRD JE1BMC + 42 JA stations, BG0BBB (NN33)
13 June 2020 WKD BA7IO* (OL73#), JT1CO (OO20) - HRD VR2XYL, BX6ABV, UN, TT8, 4X, VE3, KP4, K1, K2, K3
12 June 2020 HRD UN, EY, TF
11 June 2020 WKD OZ, SM via tropo, no significant Sporadic-E
10 June 2020 very quiet day
9 June 2020 WKD CT3, K1TO (EL87) - HRD J6, 9Y, HI, 10 stations W1,2,3,4
8 June 2020 HRD 4X, A7, HI, J6, KP4, K2, K1 (only 2 NA-US heard in the big Transatlantic opening)
7 June 2020 WKD SA2BFO (JP94#) - HRD 3*HL, 10*JA, 9M2TO, 4*KP4, HI, J6, K4, PV8, 3*YV
6 June 2020 WKD 7Z1SJ (LL25#), A65BP* (LL75#), A92HK, EK7DX (LN20), UN7CL (MO44#), UN7EGH (MO52#), LA7DHA (JP68#) - HRD EY, 4X, EA8, RD9D, DU1IST, many UN, LA7SIX/b, JW7SIX/b
5 June 2020 WKD UN7AM (LN53#), UN7DAT (NO00#), UT, SM - HRD OD, JH8SIT (QN03) FG, 9Y, PV8
4 June 2020 WKD LZ - HRD JA3IW and 2 more JA
3 June 2020 very quiet all day WKD UN9L (MO13#)
2 June 2020 WKD R1OAL (LP04hm#750) - HRD UN, A9, A9, A7, DU1IST, VE2/3
1 June 2020 WKD EY8MM (MM48), 9Y4D & 9Z4Y (FK90), WA4LOX & K4CVL (EL87#), W4SO (EL98), OD5KU (KM73) - HRD A9, UN, 4X, 9K, OD, >20*JA, K1TOL, VE1PZ, HI3T, W4 & AA7A (DM43)!
DF9CY - 6m - 4 Element@12m - 2020

# = mark new worked gridsquare
* = mark new worked country
bold = mark worked station / country
HRD = Heard only / stations outside Europe or very rare
WKD = Stations worked / two way contact.
Modes : CW, SSB, FT8, JT65A


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May 31
Activity 50 MHz
31 May 2020 WKD VE1PZ, VE1SKY, K5NA (EM10#), SM2OTU (KP16#), SM2MGQ - HRD UN, EY, BA4SI, BG6CJR (OM90), EA8, CN8, S01, CT3, VY2ZM, VO, WP4, XP3A, HI8DL and XE2OR (DL98). And THEN a huge number of stations (>50) seen from W1,2,3,5,6,7 and VE1,2,3,7. By far not all are on the image.

30 May 2020 WKD 12 x JA (QM05, QM06#, QM08#, PM85, PM95#, PM96, PM97), TT8SN* (JK72#) CW, HL3GOB* (PM34#) - HRD over 80 x JA, 4X, BA4SI, EY, TR8.

29 May 2020 WKD S01WS, G, GM (CW), EA1 (SSB) - HRD 6W1TA (IK14), FG, CU, ZB2, TZ4AM, TR8CA, KP4, 9Y, 8P, J6, HH, HI, VE1. -- There were some new DXCC and Grids, but band was very busy; no chance. -- FT8 flags in FG, VE1, TR8, Florida ... so it works.
28 May 2020 HRD EA8, CU, S01, ZB2
27 May 2020 WKD UN7AM (LN53#), EA8AT (IL17#), LZ - HRD WP4, A4, 7Z in CW
26 May 2020 WKD TA7OM (KN80#), UN6T (MN52#), XV1V (OK33#), UN7MAU (LO51#), PV8DX/PV8AZ (FJ92) - HRD JA1TSG(QM05), A4, A7, A9, 9K, EK, 4X
25 May 2020 WKD ZA, EA8, 7X2KF (JM06#) - HRD UN, UK9, EY, EK, A4, VU2
24 May 2020 DX Day : HRD UN6, A7, A9, EY, 9M2TO (Oj05), 4S7VG (MJ96), 4S7AB (NJ07), VU2NKS
23 May 2020 WKD Europe only - the usual ... - HRD EY8, WP4G, EA8, CU3
22 May 2020 WKD C31, EA, UR, LZ, EI - HRD JA5EXW, EA8, CU, CT3 -- Got FT8 Flag in Florida
21 May 2020 WKD US0 - HRD: TT8 -- A very quiet day today.
20 May 2020 WKD JA0DAI (PM97), JA0QJI (PM95#), JG2BRI (PM84#), R3TJI (LO16), EA4GOY (IM79#), all CW/SSB: EA, F, G, GW - HRD 19 x JA, BX6ABV (PL02), TT8 (JK72), UN
19 May 2020 WKD: G, GW, PA, IS0, KP4JRS (FK68) - HRD: 9K, A4, A7, 7Z, EY, FG
18 May 2020 WKD: UT, SP6, YO, EA, F EA8 - HRD: 7Z (LL25), UN3, UN6, JA8 (QN03 all), A7
17 May 2020 WKD: 9K2OW(LL39), 9K2BM(LL49#), HZ1BW*(LL34#), YO and HRD: A7, A9, 4X and TA
5/6 May 2020 Only short mostly Meteorscatter propagation
4 May 2020 Very silent today. Only some Meteorscatter bursts
3 May 2020 Short openings to IT9, I, SV, ZA and TR8CA
2 May 2020 Only 9A
1 May 2020 Some short openings to EA, F, 9A, HA

# = mark new worked gridsquare
* = mark new worked country
bold = mark worked station / country
HRD = Heard only / stations outside Europe or very rare
WKD = Stations worked / two way contact.
Modes : CW, SSB, FT8, JT65A

24 May 2020 WKD: VK4FB (smallest station ever worked), VK4RF
23 May 2020 WKD: OZ1CTZ with 60w & 2x35 ele Yagis and 8 more stations in mode JT65C
2 May 2020 10 Stations worked in JT65C and CW

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May 6
After 30 years on 50 MHz it happened today: We have 50 .. 52 MHz and full legal limit.
Thank you DF2ZC and DK4VW for making this happen.

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May 1
Major activity has been so far some remote activity on DL0SHF with 23 cm EME. Meanwhile I got all the stuff running and I can instantly switch between JT65C, CW and SSB. Still there are dificulties like high latency times and dropouts in conjunction with the VPN tunnel. Stations worked so far were as small as one - certainly somewhat longer - yagi and 100w. I am pleased to give them a QSO.

QSL cards for the QSOs I made, may go here. You get yours back immediately. BUT I have no overview whoelse may have operated the station. In most cases this will be Per DK7LJ or Carsten DL6LAU.

From time to time I will update the PDF logfile you may download (see on this page on the left).

When QRV I am present on the HB9Q logging system.

See on the moon.

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Apr 30
Activity 50 MHz

30 April 2020 Only very short openings to EA, I, EI, EA8, CU
29 April 2020 Very spotty and short openings to EA, EI, GW, F all FT8
25 April 2020 My antenna is up and I made my first Sporadic E contacts this year with Europe I, CT, EA, CU

# = mark new worked gridsquare
* = mark new worked country
bold = mark worked station or country

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Apr 21
Times are strange. So I am working from home since a few weeks - in Germany they call "Home Office". Lot of work to do. But we are OK until now.
Please follow all advice and stay safe.

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Apr 20
The antenna has changed ... I have put up my old small 6m four element antenna with preamplifier on top of the tower at 12m above ground level. It will stay there until I have an idea, how my next antenna shall look like.
Meanwhile I have purchased a 2m transverter, which works well with my old Flex-1500 SDR transceiver (hopefully). A good preamplifier is here already. Time will show ...

On the other hand I am busy making Folk Music - have a look at that website: Christoph's Music Site (its in German)

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Jan 5
2020 is here. I wish everyone a Happy New Year and may all your wishes come true. For those of you suffering from pain, deseases, war or whatever: May the future become better for you and believe in it.

I have uploaded the DL0SHF Logbook for my (not only) remote operation for your information. It contains all EME contacts I (DF9CY) have made since 2017. I have worked from DL0SHF since 1995, but these logs are not available for me in the moment.
QSLs can be sent to me (DF9CY). You will find my address in the impressum of this site.

My 50 MHz, 144 MHz and 432 MHz antennas are down, because they were due to some restauration. For the time being, I hooked up my 40m antenna (monoband fullsize dipole) at 17m where it does a phantastic job. I made more than 1200 QSOs on 40m in 2019 - mostly FT8 mode and about 100 in CW.

Have fun on the band and activate, activate, activate ...
73 de Christoph DF9CY

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